Honeymoon in Vancouver, British Columbia

Even though the most traditional and popular honeymoon destinations are those paradisiacal islands where you feel in another world, traveling to big and rich cities like Vancouver is a great idea , especially if you like to enjoy a diverse cultural and nightlife.


Vancouver, BC Vancouver, BC honeymoon

Vancouver, BC. By Maya-Anaïs Yataghène

First of all, a little bit of information on this city’s location: Vancouver is placed in the Canadian province of British Columbia, right in Canada’s western coast. Vancouver is definitely one of the largest cities in the country and it is a twin sister with the city of Victoria since both of them are extremely close to each other.

The city has five districts located within its limits, but there are other five districts more that are placed within what is known as the Greater Vancouver.


Amazingly, the city of Vancouver has a truly mild weather in comparison with the rest of the country and this is represented by constant rainfalls but temperate winters in which snow is unusual. Because of the close marine air, the city of Vancouver usually has cloudy summer days.


Flying to Vancouver is a whole new experience that will most definitely add some really nice memories to your life.

Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport By Hibino

Travelling by plane may be by far one of the best options of all. Cruise ships are the luxury offer, but they may turn the most relaxed tourist into a completely stranger to the city. There are some useful tips before you decide to go there, however.

First of all, do not make your flight on the busiest days of the weeks. The Vancouver International Airport is one of the most advanced technologically speaking airports in the world. Nevertheless, large amounts of passengers go through its gates everyday. You may end up frustrated and in a terrible mood once you get to the airport and see how long it all takes.

Do not think about one means of transport only. Be prepared to have a different alternative to what you had planned when it comes to getting out of the airport. High ways and free ways are not the easiest paths to choose, especially during the rush hour.

What to Do?

Vancouver offers honeymooners lots of activities to enjoy. Once you get there you will see that the variety of attractions, buildings, and landmarks is huge. Among them we must mention such as:

National Parks

Stanley Park

The Stanley Park is where native Canadian totems are placed. An oasis in the middle of the city center with everything you need to relax and forget you are living in a cosmopolitan city.

Harry Jerome Sculpture, Stanley Park, Vancouver

Harry Jerome Sculpture, Stanley Park, Vancouver By Patrick Doheny

The Queen Elizabeth Park

Of course you must visit in your honeymoon The Queen Elizabeth Park, this is an amazing park to relax and enjoy.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park

The Pacific Spirit Park

Relax and nature, this is The Pacific Spirit Park where you can try different activities with your partner, you could make a romantic picnic, enjoy sunny days in the beach, etc

Pacific Spirit Park

Pacific Spirit Park

All of them with an impressive flora and fauna for you to discover and enjoy together.


You can also find several museums to enjoy in your honeymoon in Vancouver. You have:

The Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Anthropology

Museum of Anthropology By Raymond Bucko

The Vancouver Museum

The Vancouver Museum is specialized in the history of the city.

Vancouver Planetarium & Museum

Vancouver Planetarium & Museum By Alan Bruce

Other Museums

Catching Attractions

In case you love eye catching attractions, you can visit

Robson Street

On of the main shopping areas in the city. Full of the most important international brands to make all the necessary shopping purchases before going home.

Vancouver, BC Robson Street

Robson Street By Maya-Anaïs Yataghène

Other Attractions

English Bay

The English Bay is the romantic setting by default. The water, the sun, the sand make the whole view something absolutely unforgettable.

Granville Island

The perfect place for an afternoon walk. Do not even bother to take your car there, it will be something to regret.

Victoria Island

You will find that Victoria island is a magical destination to visit in your honeymoon, but first let us give you some geographical information. The city of Victoria is located in the most southern tip of the Vancouver Island in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Vancouver Island, BC

Vancouver Island, BC By Jeff Gunn

This amazing city is famous because of its highly developed tourism and because of its beautiful landscapes and scenery. In the city of Victoria important administrative and political activities are also developed. The climate of this city is one of the reasons why thousands of tourists choose it every year: mild winters and warm summers are ideal to enjoy it all year long.

With over thirteen neighbours among which Fairfield, Downtown, James Bay, Fernwood and Harris Green are to be mentioned, the city of Victoria has a population of near 350 thousand inhabitants, becoming therefore the most populated city in the Vancouver Island.

We believe that Victoria is worth a try and in this sense, the best way to enjoy this magical city is by arranging a honeymoon package that takes you to the destinations you want to know and tour but that also puts you in the best hotels and takes you to the finest and most honeymoon romantic restaurants.

In the city of Victoria you will also find great shops and markets where to mix with native people, a wide variety of restaurants and bars where to spend romantic evenings, and hotels of different ranges to spend the most comfortable nights together.

Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park

Victoria is definitely a must if you are planning your honeymoon. It is a completely romantic city and enjoying through a nice and reasonable honeymoon package will make your romantic moment the best time ever.

Victoria is a highly active city due to its expansive tourism and therefore you must visit places like the Inner Harbour where lots of artisans and entertainers gather around and amuse tourists all day long.

The Beacon Hill Park, the Butchart Gardens, the Undersea Gardens and the Victoria Bug Zoo are perfect opportunities to get in real touch with Victoria’s natural environment, while the Miniature World, the Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum, the Legislative Buildings and the Royal BC Museum are intended to show you the best of Victoria’s culture and history.

Vancouver is also home to several seasonal festivals that are truly worthy, you only need to check availability and when the right time to enjoy them is.

Vancouver is certainly a romantic honeymoon destination with a dynamic and diversified lifestyle.


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