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Vancouver Honeymoon

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in Vancouver


Vancouver is definitely one of the largest cities in the country and it is a twin sister with the city of Victoria since both of them are extremely close to each other.

The city has five districts located within its limits, but there are other five districts more that are placed within what is known as the Greater Vancouver.

The Weather

Amazingly, the city of Vancouver has a truly mild weather in comparison with the rest of the country and this is represented by constant rainfalls but temperate winters in which snow is unusual. Because of the close marine air, the city of Vancouver usually has cloudy summer days.


Vancouver is one of the most interesting and dynamic cities in Canada.

The Attractions

Once you get there you will see that the variety of attractions, buildings, and landmarks is huge.

Among them we must mention national parks such as:

Stanley Park (where native Canadian totems are placed).

The Queen Elizabeth Park


The Pacific Spirit Park

All of them with an impressive flora and fauna for you to discover and enjoy together.

You can also find several museums to enjoy in your honeymoon in Vancouver. You have:

  • The Museum of Anthropology
  • The Vancouver Museum (specialized in the history of the city)
  • The Vancouver Art Gallery
  • The Telus Science World among many others.

In case you love eye catching attractions, you can visit:


  • The Vancouver Aquarium
  • The Vancouver Look Out Harbour Centre Tower (the best place to have a 360º view of the city)
  • The Grouse Mountain
  • The Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge
  • The Classical Chinese Garden, the International Buddhist Temple or the University of British Columbia are also a must.

Remember Vancouver offers honeymooners lots of activities to enjoy.

vancouver-WreckBeachYou have amazing beaches such as the famous Wreck Beach.

But you can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding in winter and if you are a nature lover you can taking a trolley trip in your honeymoon, or have a nice experience with some of the best classical music concerts that happen all year long.

Vancouver is also home to several seasonal festivals that are truly worthy, you only need to check availability and when the right time to enjoy them is.

Finally, you can also have the best nights trough Vancouver’s best restaurants, bar, pubs, cafes and discos.

Vancouver is certainly a romantic honeymoon destination with a dynamic and diversified lifestyle.

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