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Royal Caribbean Honeymoon

Royal caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean International was founded in 1968. It nowadays has its headquarters located in the city of Miami, one of the most important touristic centers of the world. With time, this company grew up quite a lot and included innumerable destinations that cross the entire globe and that are meant to provide tourists and honeymooners with the most incredible and unforgettable experiences.

If we have to start talking about Royal Caribbean’s destinations, you will easily see that there is almost no place in this world that does not welcome any Royal Caribbean ship at any time of the year. As you can imagine, there are some destinations that are more popular and requested than others, but each one of them has its own magic and discovering the ones that really interest you is simply wonderful: you don’t have to choose a destination you are not convinced with anymore… you can now dream about one place and Royal Caribbean will make that dream come true.

In this sense, you have some extremely popular itineraries that include paradisiacal beaches and ports and that are normally among the perfect places for honeymooners that only want to lie down in the sand. The Caribbean region, with stops at places like Belize, Barbados, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, St. Lucia, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, St. Martin, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Mexico, Haiti, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, Honduras and different American cities such as New Jersey, Florida, Baltimore, Norfolk and Miami.

Hawaii is another similar region, even though the isolation is bigger and therefore it becomes perfect for those recently married couples that want tranquil beaches and shores. Some of the included ports are Hilo, Honolulu, Kailua Kona, Lahaina, Mont Kilauea and Nawiliwili. Departures may take place in Mexico, California (San Diego or Los Angeles) or in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Europe is wonderful for honeymooners that still want to enjoy beautiful beaches but that also want to discover tremendously rich cultures and cities. Such cruises will take you to places like Spain, Corsica, Norway, Italy, Holland, Greece, France, Denmark, Ireland, England, Croatia, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Portugal, Poland, Gibraltar, Scotland, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Turkey, Lithuania, Malta and some African regions like Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Libya. Of course, the possibilities in this region are endless due to the enormous number of ports visited and to the incredible attractive of each specific location.

Finally, you also have Royal Caribbean honeymoon cruises to other destinations that are great if you want to discover completely different lifestyles and cultures. We are talking about places like South America, the Indic Ocean, Africa and Southeast Asia. Plus, cruises to Canada and Alaska complete this company’s destination list offering you some of the most beautiful wintry landscapes and valleys.

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