Honeymoon in New York

There many cities in the world that attract honeymooners all year long. One of them is New York City. This amazing stop is not only great for regular tourists, but also for honeymooners and newlyweds that want to enjoy their first trip together as married couples in the most dynamic and active city of the world.


Just to give you a few basic facts, we should begin by saying that New York is located in the northeastern area of America. It shares borders with several other American states as well as with the Quebec and Ontario provinces in Canada.

It is also bathed in its western side by the waters of two Great Lakes: Erie and Ontario. Even though in New York you find the most important city in America, as well as some other interesting urban areas, it is essential for you to know that the state geography is predominantly rural, with several valleys, rivers and lakes to enjoy as well as with the Appalachian Mountains covering a region of the state.

New York Skyline Sunset honeymoon

New York City is located in the homonymous American state and is the most populated city in the country. It is also the center of several activities such as commercial and economic finances, cultural movements, tourism and international affairs (since the United Nations organization is located within this city), all of them affecting not only America but the entire world. For many experts the city of New York is the center of the world and it occupies nowadays the place that once Rome occupied in the Roman Empire.

As you can imagine, such a big and important city is home to a very ethnically diversified population that traces back heritages from lots of different countries Italian, Jewish, Irish, German, Arab, Mexican and Indian are the main communities.

With a highly developed transportation system, the city is easy to tour and enjoy, but you need to have patience because crowds are all over the place. Gastronomic diversity also has to do with this multiracial feature that makes of New York City one of the most interesting cities of the world.

What to do

In the city of New York you will be able to sightsee many traditional landmarks that appear in every movie and reference to the city. You should also visit attractions such as:

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, New York

The Statue of Liberty, New York. By Jon Lee Clark

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge new york

Brooklyn Bridge, New York. By Sarah Ackerman

Central Park

One of the biggest metropolitan parks in the world

Central Park, New York

Central Park, New York

Times Square

The ideal place to have an idea of the dynamism of the city

Times Square honeymoon

Times Square at night- Manhattan, New York City By Boris Dzhingarov

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patricks Cathedral

St Patricks Cathedral. By Christopher John

The Rockefeller Plaza

Where the Christmas Tree is lighted up every year

Rockefeller Plaza new York

Rockefeller Plaza. By Robert Ashworth

The Empire State Building

Empire state Building, NY

Empire state Building. By Archana Pandey

The World Trade Center

With its impressive memorial to the victims of the famous tragedy of 2001.

Memorial World Trade Center

Memorial World Trade Center By Nicolas Vollmer

New York is also a very important cultural city with a huge variety of events and artistic centers where to enjoy the best creations together. While the Metropolitan Museum of Art is famous worldwide, you also have the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the International Center of Photography and the PS1 Contemporary Art Center among lots of other galleries and places to discover the wonderful artistic and cultural life of this city. Broadway is also home to a enormous variety of theatrical shows and musicals known worldwide.

Finally, it is important for you to give yourselves the chance to visit and experience some moments touring some of New York City neighborhoods where ethnical groups are located. In this sense, Chinatown, Little Italy, the SoHo and Harlem are places truly worth to enjoy.

Honeymoon Idea in NY

As we said, New York is normally known for being home of the most important city in the world. But it is also home to fantastic natural areas where you can easily leave behind your worries and stress and surrender to the magnificence of the mountains and valleys. Cabin rentals are a great idea if you want to discover New York’s nature and it is even better if you want to do it with the person you love the most and for your honeymoon.

Summer Cabin, Halcottsville NY

Cabin, Halcottsville NY

A good idea for your honeymoon is rent a cabin, As you probably imagine, honeymoon cabins are specifically located in such rural and natural areas where skyscrapers and crowded streets are really far away. They are surrounded by trees and green spaces that are ideal for your complete relax and comfort. Plus, they can be found in low hills, in the shores of a particular lake or in top of the hills providing you wonderful views and sceneries.

These are just a few of New York’s distinctive features, but they are so many that is hard to put them all in one article. This is the reason why we strongly believe that a New York honeymoon should be an amazing destination to discover!


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