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New York Honeymoon Packages

New York Packages

As you will surely imagine, honeymoon packages for the extremely gorgeous city of New York are abundant and this gives you the chance to choose for the one that suits your needs and interests best.

One of the most popular ones is the honeymoon package that features accommodation at the Intercontinental The Barclay hotel, which is located in 111 East 48th Street. This luxurious hotel is wonderful for honeymooners that want to feel like king and queen since it includes limousine service, fitness facilities and a sauna, plus a gift shop where to buy the most refined souvenirs. The suites feature satellite and cable TV, private appliances and large areas where to relax. Such package also includes flights through Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, US Airways and Northwest Airlines, all of them with non stop or only one stop if you are departing from the eastern coast of America.

You also have another luxurious honeymoon package in New York to choose from. It features accommodation at the wonderful The London NYC hotel, which is located in 151 West 54th Street. With a truly modern architecture and style, this hotel has impressive on site facilities, but the luxurious suites are without a doubt the most outstanding feature, with large and comfortable areas for you to relax and have the most intimate moments. The companies that offer the most important number of flights for this package are Delta Airlines, United and Continental Airlines.

There are also some available New York honeymoon packages with mid-range accommodation. One of the most interesting possibilities is the package that books your stay at the Wellington Hotel, located in 55th and 7th Avenue, right in Midtown Manhattan. This hotel has a unique service with on site dining facilities, room service, theater tickets and special attentions for honeymooners. The suites feature a nice combination of price and comfort with several amenities for you to enjoy together. Flights through Continental Airlines include no extra cost, while others such as Delta or American Airlines feature a minimum charge.

Finally, if you are looking for a cheaper New York packages, you can go for one that includes budget accommodation. Among them we can mention the Eastgate Tower Hotel, located in 222 East 39th Street. With its own restaurant and fitness facilities, this hotel is great for those couples that want to save some money and still get a decent attention. Its location is extremely accessible, right in Midtown Manhattan, with nearby attractions. The suites are definitely nice for the charged price. US Airways, United and American Airlines are the included companies for your flights and every east coast departure location will imply a non stop or one stop only trip.

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