Honeymoon in Montana

Montana, a typical honeymoon destination for those who prefer cold weathers is the wonderful place. When you get to Montana, you will see for yourself that although there are no beaches in this state, the fascinating landscapes and scenarios will make you forget about sunny and warm climates.


To begin with our journey let us give you some useful information about this state. Montana is located on the northwest of the United States, sharing its borders with the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho, while at its north it is bordered by Canada and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

It is the fourth biggest state but one of the least populated ones, in part due to its severe and cold climate.

You can divide Montana into Eastern and Western regions, which are separated by the Rocky Mountains.

The first region is flatter and filled with lots of river and plains, while the western one is characterized by its high mountains and glaciers. While Helena is the capitol city of the state, Billings occupies the place of the largest one.

What to do? Top Honeymoon Spots in Montana

Wintry environments and landscapes can perfectly be the ideal scenario for a beautiful and romantic honeymoon, perhaps even more than beaches since fireplaces and warm hugs are much more needed and extended there. Montana is mostly enjoyed through its nature since all of its landscapes are particularly beautiful and incredible.

Yellowstone National Park

First of all, Montana has a very interesting wildlife which you can sightsee together. In this sense, the Yellowstone National Park is definitely the most important in the state, and one of America’s most popular ones.

Yellowstone National Park honeymoon

Yellowstone National Park By Jeff Gunn

Glacier National Park

You also have the Glacier National Park and both of them will offer beautiful woods with spectacular animals such as deers, buffalos, mountain sheep, bears, wolves and lots of birds among many other animals.

Glacier National Park Trip

Glacier National Park Trip By Don DeBold

Besides, you can choose the most romantic and adorable honeymoon cabins where to have a delicious meal or a hot chocolate next to a gorgeous fireplace, you will find it truly easy to select the one that suits your needs and interests since the options are endless. Honeymoon cabins are normally decorated and equipped with top quality furniture and amenities so you don’t have any problem with your stay and so that your trip becomes the most wonderful moment ever.

You can choose between larger or smaller cabins, but when it comes to honeymoon cabins, they will almost always include marvelous Jacuzzis, king size beds, top quality appliances, premium bedding and many entertainment possibilities for you to enjoy together.

Plus, many of these cabins also include nearby recreational areas where to enjoy sports and outdoor activities such as picnics, fishing, walks and also lovely and romantic dinners by the lake. You should really give Montana the chance to amaze you. The results will always be incredible.

All that there is to do is to observe the magic and the enormity of such perfect images while romancing in a comfortable cruise or while having a romantic dinner together.

In these national parks and natural environments you can enjoy sports in case you want your honeymoon to be vibrant and dynamic.

Wild Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

Wild Yellowstone Grizzly Bears By Steve Jurvetson

Montana also has several beautiful cities and towns. There you can enjoy the comfort of urban life while you still travel to the countryside to discover the magic of Montana’s natural scenery.


Among such cities, Billings is without a doubt the most important and if you choose to stay there, you definitely have to visit the Yellowstone Art Museum, as well as the Pictograph Cave State Park, the Rimrock Mall or lots of adventure excursions and cultural events.

Downtown Billings, Montana

Downtown Billings, Montana By Ron Reiring

Virginia City

Virginia City is a particular case since it is a small village where Far West tradition still lives and it is perfect for honeymooners that are willing to enjoy tranquility and quietness.

Virginia City

Virginia City By Ernie Hathaway

Big Sky

Big Sky, this small town (with aproximately one thousand inhbitants) is a truly beautiful touristic center where ski resorts and winter vacations become a dream come true. In the following llines you will find some interesting options for honeymooners in Big Sky. Take a look at them and choose the one you like the most!

Lone Peak, Big Sky, Montana

Lone Peak, Big Sky, Montana By Chris

Montana’s culinary tradition is centered on meat and beef, but the major cities will give you the option to search for different types of food and drinks, being beer the most popular beverage of this state.

Montana also has lots of historical places and museums if you are interested in getting to know this state’s past. Among them we must mention the Nez Perce National Historical Park, the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail, the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site and the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

Discovering Montana’s history and culture with your loved one will surely make you fall in love with the state and will amaze so much that you won’t be willing to leave.

Due to its cold weather, Montana is home to many winter sports and activities such as hiking, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and wagon train adventures.

Ski centers such as Bridger Bowl Ski Area, Moonlight Basin, Red Lodge Mountain, Snowbowl Ski Are and Turner, also offer accommodation and numerous restaurants and houses.

morning from the cabin porch

Morning from the Cabin

If you are looking for natural environments, adorable landscapes and stunning mountains, Montana is the right place to go. This state is one of the richest in the country when it comes to wonderful outdoor spaces. Montana invite honeymooners to feel like in a complete different world where there is no room for worries, for stress or for anxiety. Remember Montana is a perfect place for those couples that love being around wintry environments, with gorgeous mountains and lakes to enjoy.


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