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Michigan Honeymoon

Honeymoon Suites in Michigan

In the state of Michigan you will find a huge variety of luxury honeymoon suites, hotels and elegant resorts where to stay and in this sense, you will be able to select the best honeymoon suites for you and the one you love the most to have the most romantic nights. 

Honeymoon Suites are to be found in regular ways, but also there are some thematic suites in case you prefer more fun. Either way, luxury and comfort will always be there, so take a look and start choosing the one you prefer.

There is no doubt that the city of Detroit is the most important and attractive urban area in the whole state of Michigan. Detroit will offer you a rich variety of hotels to choose from.

Discovering Honeymoon Destinations in Michigan

When it comes to discovering Michigan, there is no need to say that you should start by visiting Detroit. This fantastic city has been famous because of its automotive industry and production, but it has much more than that to enjoy and to attract visitors from around the world. 



Michigan also offers its tourists several natural attractions to enjoy such as the Isle Royale National Park, the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore or the Mackinac Island. 

All of them are perfect to enjoy together and get closer while discovering magical landscapes and environments.

Michigan is waiting for you so don’t spend any more time and give it a chance to find a luxury and cheap suite for your unique and romantic honeymoon.

MuskegonSome other important cities are Ann Arbor, Muskegon, Holland, Kalamazoo and Traverse City.

Finally, the climate of this beautiful state is a humid continental one, with a more severe region and a warmer one.

Another special Michigan honeymoon destination is enjoy the huge variety of aquatic sports and activities for you to enjoy next to your loved one. 

Sailing, boating, rafting, fishing and water skiing are truly popular and really entertaining.

In winter, you will also find some very interesting skiing places to try. 

You can always amuse yourselves with beautiful scenarios and be delighted to visit Michigan’s national parks and preserves.

michigan-TahquamenonFallsWe need to mention natural places such as the Pictured Rocks, Tahquamenon Falls, the Isle Royale, the Mackinac Island, the Sleeping Bear Dunes, the Porcupine Mountains and the Seney National Wildlife Refugee.

All places in where to get in clear touch with Michigan’s beautiful nature and landscapes alongside the love of your life.

Michigan also offers tourists and romantic honeymooners lots of wonderful and historical places.

MackinawCityThis is the greatest idea if you want to enjoy a nice ride alongside some beautiful traditional cities such as Mackinaw City holding hands in romance with your fiancée.

It has several landmarks and attractions among which we have to mention the Ambassador Bridge, the Detroit Zoo, the Guardian Building, the Hart Plaza, the Campus Martius Park or the Detroit Athletic Club.

Of course, you also have lots of museums (of arts, history, science and, of course, of cars), theaters, convention centers and cultural events of all types.

Finally, Michigan is a very interesting honeymoon destination for you to enjoy gastronomy and wines. Michigan’s pasty, fudge, cherry pies, cudighi (a preparation that combines sausages and mozzarella), as well as apples, blueberries, mushrooms and strawberries are definitely worth a try. 

In this sense, in Battle Creek you will get the chance to visit Kellogg’s production plant and enjoy a nice tour inside its installments. Michigan has lately developed great vineyards in where apple cider and delightful wines are made.

Michigan is definitely a destination to know if you want to get out of the usual honeymoon circuit and want to try different romantic destinations.

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