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Best Winter Honeymoon

Winter Romantic Honeymoon

Winter honeymoons are as much enjoyable and romantic as any other honeymoon and even more since when it is cold outside, it is warm inside and there is no better time to cuddle and to stay really close to each other. Winter is a marvelous season and should be enjoyed just as much as summer so take a look at some of these winter honeymoon destinations where you will have the chance to experience the most amazing time together.

When it comes to find the best winter honeymoon destinations for you to enjoy your honeymoon, people usually think of ski centers. In the western coast of North America and Canada you will find the best ski centers, but also in many European villages there are many ski and snowboarding centers where many activities and sports can be performed. While the American town of Aspen is famous across the world, Europe has places like Kitzbuhel (Austria), Chamonix (France), Canazei (Italy), Courchevel (France) or Livigno (Italy).

If you don’t like ski centers but still want to enjoy a winter holiday, you don’t have to worry. There are many alternative places to visit and enjoy. In the first place, both North America and Europe offer the most beautiful cities where snow is a friend of the house and where there are also many things to do and to be entertained with. We must mention the American cities of Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and of course, New York. The Canadian cities of Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg are also great in winter.

Europe is home to lots of winter places and in this sense, each major capitol or city has a beautiful and peculiar winter so try places like Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, Rome, Venice, Florence, Manchester, Dublin among others. South America is also home to some of the most beautiful winters, especially in the region that is known as the Patagonia and that is shared by both Argentina and Chile. There you have amazing European like landscapes and lots of activities such as whale watching, cruises, ferries, colonies of penguins and other sea animals, mountain adventure and the best cottages and cabins where to stay, as well as the most delicious typical gastronomy.

Enjoying your winter honeymoon is really up to you and you will see that even though you are not lying on the beach, you will still be able to enjoy lots of amazing places and wonderful scenarios.

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