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Arizona Suites

Right in the border with Mexico we find one of the largest states in America: Arizona. And its large size is directly proportional to its touristic attractions and landmarks. Even though it has no coastal limits, the state of Arizona is without a doubt a great choice for honeymooners that enjoy warmer climates and that only want to relax in not so crowded places.

Arizona has many important cities. However, there is no doubt that Phoenix is the largest and most important one, as well as it is the most interesting one in terms of tourism and dynamism. This is why the most luxurious hotels are located there. Among them we have to mention the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, which is located in 7677 N 16th Street. This hotel features general facilities such as a fitness center, spa and health club, swimming pools, poolside bar, on site dining options, gift shops, hair salons and a wonderful artificial scenery that includes a river among other things. Honeymoon suites are large rooms with separate living areas, plus all the amenities and especially designed bedding and mattresses.

Another incredible option in the city of Phoenix is the Radisson Hotel Phoenix City Center, located in 3600 N 2nd Avenue. With an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, a patio and picnic area, plus parking options and on site dining facilities, this hotel will surely satisfy your every need. The suites include air conditioning, cable TV, pay per view movies, internet access, private appliances and premium bedding.

Finally, you should take the Legacy Golf Resort into account. Located in 6808 S 32nd Street, this hotel offers you several facilities with more than one swimming pool, spa, amazing gardens and outdoor spaces, a fitness center, a private restaurant and bar and many others. The suites are truly modern and combine uniqueness with all the comfort that their incredible amenities are set to provide you with.

Remember, Arizona is a southwestern state that shares borders both with other American states such as New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Colorado and the states of Baja California and Sonora in Mexico. Arizona is one of Four Corners states that comprise the only area in the United States where four states share a corner and that is famous by its desert plains. The other Four Corners states are Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

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